Ecuadorian Andes

This 7-day tour will take you through colorful indigenous markets, past remarkable waterfalls, over spectacular mountain passes, and up and around Andean plateaus. Beginning in South America’s most famous Otavalo handicrafts market, you will be led through the most emblematic sites of northern Ecuador – particularly those associated with the region’s awe-inspiring vistas. Notwithstanding, with […]

El Altar

Reaching an altitude of 17,454 feet (5,320 m), El Altar is one of the three volcanoes in Ecuador’s Sangay National Park, a 1,000-square-mile reserve in the Andes. Though El Altar is extinct, the other two volcanoes — Tungurahua and Sangay — are constantly active. Following a tremendous eruption centuries ago, El Altar is now in the shape of a […]

Abraspungo Valley

The Carihuayrazo Mountain (located just north of its more famous brother, Chimborazo Mountain) rises out of the Abraspungo Valley. Carihuayrazo’s tongue-twisting name means “man of ice and wind” or “mountain with great wind” in the indigenous language of Kichwa. Trekking to this mountain means passing through the quintessential Andean landscape, spotted with llamas, alpacas, and […]