Tren Crucero

Recognized as the “Leading Luxury Train in South America” in 2017, you can experience the wonders of Ecuador on board the Tren Crucero (“Cruise Train”). The outcome of a quarter of a billion-dollar national railroad investment, upscale Ecuadorian trains carry passengers across the country between various destinations in the Andes and as far as the […]

Colombian Coffee Tour

While we can’t offer you a chance to meet “the” Juan Valdez (after all, he is a just a fictional character), we at Surtrek can promise you an opportunity to discover his spirit. What we’re saying is that you can encounter his essence by experiencing life in the Colombia coffee region or on a traditional […]

Discovering the Ecuadorian Andes

At least by South American standards, Ecuador is a small country, both in terms of its area and its population. However, we assure you that this country is by no means small in its cultural and natural diversity. In fact, it’s often the smallest countries that reveal the greatest variety within their boundaries. Among the […]

Ecuadorian Andes Honeymoon

This 12-day romantic honeymoon tour will take you to the Ecuadorian Andes, where you will stay at some of the most character-filled haciendas of the scenic highlands region. Your itinerary begins in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, nestled beneath Pichincha Volcano at 9,500 feet (2,900 m) above sea level. Here you will find the best-preserved […]

Southern Ecuadorian Andes

Recognized by leading ornithologists as one of the most highly diverse countries in terms of bird species, Ecuador has officially registered more than 1,600 endemic and exotic species – and the list keeps growing! This means that an Ecuadorian birding experience can be anything from observing condors circling a high mountain pass, witnessing throngs of hummingbirds buzzing across steep Andean […]

Southern Andes

An emerging travel destination, the highlands of Ecuador offer horseback riding for spirited travelers who seek special travel experiences – ones with magnificent colonial haciendas, jaw-dropping vistas, contact with authentic highland cowhands, and some of the gentlest horses you’ll ever find. La Escondida Farm offers this 8-day/7-night experience in which you will venture into the heart of […]

La Escondida Farm

La Escondida Farm provides this 8-day/7-night horseback riding experience that will take you across the foothills of the Antisana and Cotopaxi volcanos in the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes. Designed for spirited travelers seeking awe-inspiring equestrian journeys, you will stay at magnificent colonial haciendas after full days of jaw-dropping vistas, contact with authentic highland cowhands, and […]


This 7-day/6-night horseback riding adventure to the Ecuadorian village of Piñán is like traveling back in time. Along the way, you can stop at magnificent colonial-era haciendas, witness ancient pre-Incan earth mounds, and make contact with authentic highland cowhands who herd their livestock the same way this was done a hundred years ago. This journey […]

Ecuadorian Andes

This 7-day tour will take you through colorful indigenous markets, past remarkable waterfalls, over spectacular mountain passes, and up and around Andean plateaus. Beginning in South America’s most famous Otavalo handicrafts market, you will be led through the most emblematic sites of northern Ecuador – particularly those associated with the region’s awe-inspiring vistas. Notwithstanding, with […]