Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

The Hangaroa Lodge is perfect for those travelers seeking a destination that’s off the beaten track and away from maddening crowds. This eco-village & spa is a place where you can slip into a different world, a different culture, while you are sure to meet new and interesting people in this place surrounded by a calmness […]

Journey to the “End of the Earth”

chile easter island moais

Few landscapes in the world can offer such strikingly beautiful natural scenery as Chile. This 14-day journey will take you to the pristine Azul lakes and icy rivers of the country’s Lake District, as well as further south to Patagonia – whose stunning volcanoes and awe-inspiring glaciers have made this the “the mysterious land of fire & ice.” […]

Explora Rapa Nui

Enormous and enigmatic stone Moai statues are the most famous inhabitants of Rapa Nui (better known as “Easter Island”). While the origins and evolution of these 887 gargantuan figures remain unexplained, they appear everywhere, standing proud for hundreds of years or having toppled down and eroded. The perfect base for exploring this attractive and mysterious […]

Meeting the Moais

Easter Island evokes many emotions, but indifference is never one of these. This tropical setting – with its more than 800 towering moai statues – has turned much of “Rapa Nui” island into a UNESCO World Heritage Site …and a fascinating destination for world travelers. Uncover these ancient mysteries on this comprehensive 4-day tour of […]

Santiago & Easter Island

This discovery tour to Chile will introduce you to two very different faces of this comically thin nation that stretches from the bellybutton of South America right down to its big toe. On one hand, you will experience urbane and eccentric capital city of Santiago de Chile, only later to be whisked off to the […]