Manatee Amazon Explorer

This 27-meter-long (90 feet) Mississippi-style riverboat is a unique way to explore the Napo River. The Manatee Amazon Explorer was specially built for travel in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, offering 14 double cabins with air conditioning, private bathrooms and hot water. On board, you’ll find a spacious dining room, a comfortable bar and lounge, and […]

Aria Amazon

The M/V Aria is the ultimate luxury cruise ship navigating the northern Amazon River in Peru. Custom built in 2011, the ship resembles a “floating boutique hotel” more than an expedition vessel. The Aria boasts new furniture, flooring, air-conditioned units and sliding doors, as well as painting inside and out. The suites’ interiors follow the same trend, with linens made […]

Amazon rainforest, Andes & Amazon tours

Traveling into mysterious jungles deep in the Amazonian rainforest, exploring the colonial heritage of historic Quito, experiencing indigenous communities in the Andean highlands, and making contact with the exotic evolutionary wonders of the Galapagos Islands, this tour allows you to explore four of the best and most diverse destinations in South America. You will find […]

Napo Wildlife Center

The Amazonian rainforest is pulsing with life in all directions. While traveling here, you might hear the eerie roar of a troupe of howler monkeys overhead, while beneath your feet find certain medicinal roots that can relieve a toothache. Forging further ahead, you’re likely to come upon a remote indigenous village, and while exploring by […]

Las Cascadas Lodge

Located less than five hours from Quito in the Amazonian rainforest, the Las Cascadas Jungle Lodge was named after a spectacular jungle falls whose waters plunge 130 feet into an idyllic natural pool of a grove below. Many indigenous groups view these jungle cascades as sacred, and one can’t help but feel that something is indeed spiritual […]

Napo Cultural Center

Venturing deep into the Amazon rainforest, along the banks of the Napo River, you will discover Napo Cultural Center. A combination of traditional architecture with a modern twist will be the start of a unique experience. Here, you are invited to learn the culture and traditions of the native Kichwa Anangu people, with the lodge […]

Jamu Lodge

This eco-friendly lodge — located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest — is situated in an expansive 2,330 square mile wildlife reserve teeming with orchids and gardenias, macaws and toucans, as well as Red howler monkeys and Pink river dolphins. The Jamu Lodge experience is an authentic Amazon basin adventure at its best. A […]

Kapawi Eco-Lodge

Only accessible by air, and with the nearest road a 10-day walk from camp, Kapawi Eco-lodge is indeed tucked away, in the remote Ecuadorian Amazon, making for an authentic wildlife experience worlds away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The welcoming series of light and airy thatched cabins are linked by an elevated […]

Cuyabeno Lodge

This eco-lodge is located inside Cuyabeno National Park, with the reserve itself having been established in 1979 and covering over 650,000 hectares (1.5 million acres) of primary rainforest in the northeastern part of the Ecuadorian Amazon around the Cuyabeno River. Accessible from the provincial Ecuadorian capital of Nueva Loja, over the years the reserve has become […]

Cotococha Lodge

The most accessible Amazon rainforest option from Quito, the Cotococha Lodge is ideal for those having too little time to visit areas deeper inside the rainforest (such as in the Cuyabeno or Yasuni reserves), those seeking a little more comfort in their rainforest experience, or travelers continuing on to southern Ecuador. In addition to being […]