Delfin III Amazon Riverboat

Explore this vibrant yet fragile Amazon rainforest in a manner that even Mother Nature herself would be proud of: aboard the luxury Delfin III riverboat. The 169-foot-long ship was tailor-made to suit its environment while maintaining its integrity as a true luxury riverboat. With the perfect size for sailing along the largest river basin in […]

Delfin II Amazon Riverboat

The Amazon rainforest constitutes over 1/2 of the planet’s remaining rainforest, with the Amazon River serving as the life-force of this amazing ecosystem. Allowing adventurous travelers to fully discover this unparalleled biodiversity for themselves, March of 2009 saw the launching of the Delfin II expedition cruise vessel. And while this ship can take you on an unforgettable jungle adventure, […]

Delfin I Amazon Riverboat

The new and refurbished Delfin I takes you one step beyond luxury, where comfort and grace combine effortlessly with the wilderness of the Amazon rainforest to create one of the most unique and personalized vessels to ever sail in the Peruvian Amazon region. To fulfill your Amazon rainforest and river exploring fantasies, the Delfin I […]

Machu Picchu & Amazon

Traveling to Peru? Then you might wonder, “What else is there to experience in addition to Machu Picchu?” What we can ensure you is that Peru is one of the most enthralling countries in all of Latin America. It is home to striking landscapes, intriguing cultures and well-preserved remnants of ancient civilizations, as well as […]

Adventure to Machu Picchu & Amazon

On this 13-day active adventure through Peru, you’ll visit the amazing Amazon Rainforest, the Sacred Valley and Cusco, the capital of the Incas before embarking on a panoramic train ride to Machu Picchu. With plenty of hiking, a day of mountain biking, and a day river rafting on the wild waters of the Urubamba River […]