All Points Bolivia

Discover the world’s highest capital, vibrant La Paz, on our “rooftop of the world” tour. The largely indigenous population has preserved their native languages and traditions, making La Paz a captivating destination. During a three-day city tour, you’ll experience the most authentic indigenous culture in Latin America. Stroll through the intriguing Witch’s Market, savor coca […]

Scenic and Surreal Bolivia & Chile

For 12 days and 11 nights, this tour to South America will take you through major destinations in Bolivia and Chile, including Bolivia’s vast Uyuni salt flat and that nation’s colorful capital city of La Paz. As for Chile – stretching from the bellybutton of South America down to its big toe – you will […]

Panorama Bolivia

Thanks in part to its harsh mountain landscapes and thick Amazonian jungles, Spanish conquest and large-scale European immigration were impeded in Bolivia. Consequently, this land has suffered few changes, as shown by its indigenous peoples who have managed to hold onto many of their traditions, and isolated villages that have remained virtually untouched for centuries. […]

Jewels of Bolivia

Bolivia’s high altitude mountain landscapes, vast salt flats, sprawling deserts and teeming cities combine to make this South American nation a challenge for traveling. Nonetheless, it’s these same spectacular sites and scenery that more than make up for any extra effort. You can discover all of this and more on this 13-day/12-night tour of the […]

Discover Bolivia

Strikingly beautiful and mountainous, Bolivia invites you for a full week of discovery in the land of the ancient Inca. Your arrival in the La Paz – the world’s highest capital city – will literally take your breath away the moment you touch down. But it’s not just the altitude; the mix of Western culture […]